About me

I am a Computer Science Master’s student at New Mexico State University with a passion for computing-related outreach and hopes of making an impact at a software company or nonprofit after graduate school. During the school year, I spend most of my time studying and exploring the integration of liberal arts and computer science through the GK-12 fellowship program.

Some things that I am (and always will be):

  • A hard worker
  • A community builder
  • A problem solver
  • A philanthropist
  • A proud Latina
  • A sibling role model
  • A STEM education advocate
  • A chocolate lover

When I am not studying or working, I can usually be found at home with my family or in a corner somewhere creating fun snapchats. It’s always nice to take a break from work and transform myself, friends, or family into their favorite character. In particular, Disney themed snaps have been my favore to create, expecially the princess and villain roles.

Snapchat-20140805085605  Snapchat-20140806095952

You can check out my full gallery HERE!